3 Ways To Use Used Office Furniture In A Garage

Posted on: 20 January 2023


A garage offers an ideal location for working on cars, projects, and as an extension of your home. At first glance, the idea of purchasing used office furniture for the space may not sound appealing, but you can find a lot of use for office furniture in a garage space. Check out some of the ways to use used office furniture and really transform your garage for the better.

When you shop for used office furniture for sale, you can save a lot on the prices and fill your garage with some unique items.

1. Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets provide an ideal way to keep extra storage in your garage. The use of a filing cabinet can greatly reduce clutter and give you areas for garage storage. For example, you could use a filing cabinet to store a wide number of cables. Use deep drawers to hold jumper cables, extension cords, or bungee cords.

Other drawers can hold large tools like drills and sanders. You can often label the drawers with the items inside so you know what drawer to go to without the need to open up each one each time. When you shop for filing cabinets, look for ones with locks built in for added protection. The locks can keep some of your more valuable tools and items under extra protection.

2. Rolling Whiteboards

Many offices use rolling whiteboards for meetings, notices, and other details. You can purchase a used rolling whiteboard and keep it right in your garage. A rolling whiteboard allows you to stay on task with different projects. You can write out full checklists or to-do lists. As you plan projects, use the whiteboard to draw out inspiration and plan out different design elements.

You can place the rolling whiteboard in different areas of the garage so you have a nice visual wherever you want within the garage. Some used whiteboards will come with an edge to hold markers so you have a location to place markers for easy access.

3. Workstations

An office workstation typically includes a desk, some drawers, and shelves. You could look for corner-based workstations that will fit nicely in the corner of a garage. The workstation will provide you with an area to look at various manuals, do some work, or just relax. For example, you could set up a small monitor or screen at the workstation to watch TV.

The workstation can adapt to your needs. For example, you may work on small projects with small parts and tools. The workstation area can become your go-to spot for that work.

Shop around to find great deals on used office furniture options and see the ways you can transform your garage.