3 Benefits Of Teaching Children To Shop Online To Provide Cancer Support

Posted on: 27 April 2022


Cancer support is needed for many patients who have medical bills and everyday expenses when the disease prevents traditional work. Online, you have the opportunity to shop to provide cancer support and the profits from each sale go directly to people who go through cancer treatments.

Along with shopping on your own, you can take the opportunity to shop online with your child. When a child goes to shop to provide prostate cancer support, you will find multiple benefits and use the opportunity as a critical teaching moment for your child.

1. Build Empathy

When a child understands what the charity is about and how the proceeds can help others, you will build empathy in the child. Explain the whole process and what the world of cancer actually means for a person. A child may hear the word "cancer", but not understand the full scope of the disease and the available treatments.

The empathy will naturally build within the child and allow them to think about others as they shop online. Through knowledge and understanding, the child will have a lot of empathy that spills over into other aspects of their life.

2. Money Lessons & Debit Cards

When children shop online, you can take the opportunity to teach them about money lessons. To pay for items online, you can purchase a pre-paid debit card and give the child the card they use. With the card, you can teach a child how to check the balance, how to check out from an online store, and how to add up extra fees like taxes or shipping rates.

When a child learns the value of money, they have the opportunity to sustain those lessons, improve on math skills, and save for bigger items in the future. A child can browse through an online shop to support cancer patients and see what items they want to save up for.

3. Spreading Goodwill Among Friends

A child who supports cancer through online purchases also has the opportunity to spread that goodwill among their friends. A child can talk to their friends about the website and even if just one other person shops on the website, the motivation and action can help spread the charity and ultimately raise more money.

Along with friends, the good will can spread among other family members the child talks to. The positive experience can have a spiderweb effect that spreads outward and can help for years to come.

Introduce your child to a shopping website with the benefits and see the positive changes that can occur.

For more information on why you should shop to provide cancer support, contact a professional near you.