Shop For A Candle That Is Scented With Eucalyptus And Spearmint

Posted on: 6 July 2021


Spearmint and eucalyptus oil are sometimes used to create scented soy candles. Upon purchasing a new candle, enjoy the soothing and calming scent of these two herb varieties while relaxing at home or while tackling a project at the office.

Soy-Based Products That Are Scented

During the production of eucalyptus spearmint candles, herbal oils are added to a batch of melted soy wax flakes. Candle wax is translucent when it is in liquid form. The wax will gradually turn opaque as it hardens. A dye block or liquid agents are used to add color to plain wax. 

Soy wax is a vegetable product that burns slowly. All candles emit traces of black soot, but soy candles tend to produce a minimal amount of soot and are considered a candle type that burns cleanly. A product that is infused with herbal oils is capable of scenting an entire room during an active candle-burning session.

Candle Styles And Uses

Choose a candle style. This may be a glass holder that is hand-painted or a candle that is contained within a decorative tin may tie into a decor theme that you favor. Small votives or tealights can be used to set up a custom candle display within your residence or work environment.

Some candle manufacturers sell multi-use products or ones that are visually different than basic candles. If you enjoy surprises, shop for a candle that contains a hidden 'treasure' within the wax. Jewelry, gemstones, and other small prizes may be hidden in select treasure candles. A hidden item will be revealed after multiple candle-burning sessions.

A growing candle will allow an end-user to enjoy the scented product and then repurpose the holder. A growing candle will contain a series of seeds that are packaged separately from a candle. After a candle has burned down, warm water and detergent should be used to clean the candle holder. All of the instructions necessary for the growth of seedlings will be enclosed in the packaging that a scented soy candle came in.

If you want to purchase a fairly basic candle that has been designed solely to scent a room, consider buying a candle that contains multiple wicks. A candle with multiple wicks will provide more luminosity than a candle that contains a single wick. This type of candle may be housed inside of a wide glass holder. The wicks will be spaced out evenly from one another. To learn more, contact a company like All Kinda Scentz.