Gift Ideas For A Border Collie Owner

Posted on: 6 July 2021


If you have a family member or friend who owns a border collie, you'll undoubtedly be aware of the love that the owner has for their pet. It can be a nice idea to look for a border collie-themed gift that you can give to this person. There are all sorts of occasions to consider giving this type of gift. While shopping for the person's birthday can work well, you might simply decide to give the gift the next time you get together at your local dog park. Here are some border collie gift ideas that you can find online.

Vehicle Sticker

If you expect that the border collie owner would enjoy placing a sticker on the rear of their vehicle, there are all sorts of options that relate to this breed of dog. Some sticker designs are simple, consisting of a cartoonish image of a border collie's head or a silhouette of the dog. You'll also find stickers that proudly declare the driver of the vehicle to be a happy border collie owner — some stickers will say "mom" or "dad" instead of owner, which can be a good way to celebrate the bond between owner and pet. Even if the person doesn't place the sticker on their vehicle, they could add it to their fridge, laptop, or another surface.


There are many different pillow designs that are specific to border collies, and this can be another good gift idea for you to consider. Some pillows have a large, bold cartoon-style depiction of this breed of dog, while others feature smaller images of the animal in a pattern-like sequence. Some pillows don't depict this animal but make reference to it with a term about loving border collies. Any of these designs can be a good option for someone who has border collie decorative elements throughout their home.

Beach Towel

A beach towel that depicts a border collie can be another thoughtful gift to give the dog owner in your life. If the person enjoys going to the beach or has a swimming pool in their backyard, they'll likely use this gift multiple times every summer. In another scenario, the person may choose to use it for their dog. When a border collie gets wet, toweling it off can help to reduce some of the mess that it may make in the car or house, so the owner will appreciate using your gift in this way.

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