Are You Looking For New Ways To Improve Your Cooking? 4 Benefits Of Adding An Olive Wood Spoon To Your Utensils

Posted on: 22 September 2020


Cooking is often viewed as a form of art that combines with science. Not only do the best cooks know how to combine the right ingredients, but they also know how to choose tools that help them create the perfect dishes. Although you'll see many different types of utensils on the market, the truth is that the materials that they are made from can dramatically change your cooking experience. Before you go shopping for new utensils, make sure to consider these benefits of looking for one that is made from olive wood.

Protect Your Cookware

If you've ever scratched a non-stick pan with a metal spatula, then you know the trouble that using the wrong cooking utensils can create. Certain types of cookware require you to use a delicate touch since it is easy to scratch off coatings. An 11-inch olive wood spoon will not remove the seasoning from your cast iron or destroy an expensive pot. Instead, the olive wood glides smoothly along the surface while mixing the ingredients in the dishes that you cook.

Avoid Chemicals That Leach Into Your Food

Plastic utensils are sometimes recommended over metal to prevent scratches. While they are more gentle, you have to worry about problems that are bigger than just ruining a pan. Plastic utensils can leach chemicals into your food if they get too hot or are exposed to acids that break them down. A handmade 11-inch olive wood spoon is chemical-free. This means that you can avoid ingesting chemicals that you don't want in your body through your food. You'll also find that eliminating chemicals in your food can improve the flavor of the dishes that you cook.

Simplify Cleaning and Maintenance

Olive wood that has been hand-shaped into a spoon doesn't require a whole lot of work to maintain. With most olive wood spoons, all you need to do is hand wash and dry them. Occasionally, you may want to put on a small coat of olive oil to keep the wood moisturized. Other than that, you can expect that spoons made from this type of wood will maintain their durability through many cooking sessions.

Maintain Stable Temperatures While Cooking

Metal utensils can quickly heat up along with the food that you are cooking. Although the temperature increase may be subtle, it can affect how certain types of food cook. Olive wood maintains a more steady temperature, which means that you don't have to worry about accidentally adding more heat at a delicate moment.