Put On Your Motivational Jersey When Running Off To Teach A Community Exercise Class

Posted on: 28 March 2020


Bicycling, running, or taking part in any form of exercise shows motivation. Not everyone has the desire to do what's necessary to live healthier and stay active—people who make the effort deserve some recognition, although they are often recognized. You can spot the fitness-minded not only by their physiques, but also by the clothes they wear. Someone out jogging in a sports jersey looks committed to the cause. Those who wish to share their enthusiasm with others might find a motivational jersey to be the perfect "uniform." When you offer your services at, say, a local community center to help people get fit, you want them to follow your lead. They may be better inclined to do so when eyes catch a motivational, uplifting saying on your jersey.

Setting the Tone at the Outset

Wearing the right clothes, including a snappy jersey, is a good idea at all workout sessions. The first session might be the most important, though. Setting the perfect tone with the attendees lets them feel they picked the right activity to join. When they see you walk in with a jersey saying, "We Rise!....and Let's Get Moving!", they'll get an idea of what to expect. Be sure any images on the shirt set the right tone. The image of an average person will appeal to a large crowd. A drawing of a massive weightlifter probably won't.

A Little Levity on a Big Jersey

"We Rise!" motivational jerseys often feature more words than the two main ones. Usually, the next words present a phrase that hopes to get people seriously motivated to do things now. When running a basic exercise class at a community center, you'll probably see a lot of older people who want to be a little more active. A hardcore call to action might not be best, but a humorous saying underneath "We Rise!" might work fine. Buy something ready-made or request a custom job, but make sure the humor is family-friendly and upbeat.

Get the Pro-Made Jerseys

Sure, you could iron on a cool saying on a plain jersey. While the iron-on does the primary job, it won't look as good as a professionally made jersey. Besides presenting a clearer "billboard" to read the motivational words, the jersey will likely look good as new after several uses and washes. Also, you want to be sure that anyone attending the fitness classes follows your directions. A commanding presence combined with charisma helps. So does dressing well.