Commercial Color Printer Care And Usage Tips

Posted on: 8 October 2018


Many businesses will need to have the capability to produce high-quality color prints. Before you start looking for color printers for sale, you should know how to take care of your color printer. Due to the important role that your printer will play, there is some information to help you maximize the performance of your company's color printer.

How Do You Keep The Color Printer Clean?

A dirty color printer can suffer a number of performance problems. One of the most obvious will be a reduction in the quality of the images as the dirt and dust can interfere with the print heads. Also, dirt can contribute to the printer overheating. Wiping down the exterior of the printer with a dry cloth can remove most of the dust that may collect on it. Keeping the printer away from air vents, windows, and other sources of dust can also minimize the amount of dirt that will get on or in it.

Should You Connect The Printer To A Surge Protector?

Modern commercial printers will use a variety of computer chips to produce high-quality images. While this can greatly improve the quality of the images that the printer produces, it can also expose it to damage from electrical surges. These printers should always be connected to surge suppressors to prevent these surges from being able to damage the printer.

What Should You Do To Correct Discolored Prints?

On a periodic basis, you may notice that the colors used in your prints become distorted. Luckily, this is often a fairly simple issue to address as printers will usually have a calibration mode. In most instances, this mode will not need to be used frequently. If you notice that you are needing to calibrate the printer on a regular schedule or with increasing frequency, you may want to have the system serviced.

Are There Steps For Reducing Ink Usage?

Depending on the number of prints that you will need to produce, you may use large amounts of ink. Not surprisingly, this can be rather expensive, but there are ways to lower ink costs. One of the more effective is to opt for refillable ink cartridges. Not all printers will be able to use refillable ink cartridges, and you will want to make sure this is an option. If you already have a printer and refillable cartridges are not an option, you may be able to reduce ink usage by slightly lowering the resolution of your prints. This can save a sizable amount of ink while being all but imperceptible to those looking at the prints.