Child Always On The Winning Team? Why You Should Display The Medals In A Shadow Box

Posted on: 1 August 2018


It's great to have a child who loves to participate in various activities. Watching as they fulfill their potential and win awards in the process makes you feel extremely proud, especially when you see the smile that lights up their beautiful face. As they become involved in more and more sports and performance groups, they will naturally start to build up quite a collection of medals. You might find yourself struggling with finding the space to house all of the items. Instead of socking those medals away into a distant drawer keep reading to see why you should store the pieces in shadow boxes instead.

Shadow Boxes Are A Decorative Way To Conserve Space

Some people think that the fireplace mantle was created for medals and trophies. That little ledge just seems like the ideal place to store all of those meaningful trinkets that you want to keep on display. While the fireplace is certainly a good spot for these items, it can start to become so crowded with little trinkets that it starts to look jumbled and cluttered. This is not the look that you're going for because you want your house to appear clean and orderly at all times.

The best way to get around this dilemma is to use shadow boxes. A shadow box is a hollowed-out, 3-D type picture frame box which allows you to keep items inside of it. Use a felt background for a dramatic flair and layer the medals on top of it. Display the shadow boxes in prominent places around the house so that your little one is given a beautiful reminder of their accomplishments at every turn.

Shadow Boxes Keep The Medals From Getting Damaged

If your child constantly picks up the medals every time they see them it's only a matter of time before they become damaged. The lanyards might come undone, and there's even the chance that a medal will get lost. When the medals are tucked safely into the shadow box, your child can handle them without actually having to touch the physical medal itself. This protects the keepsake and keeps it from getting damaged or dusty.

You can purchase shadow boxes from a local hobby or crafts store. Have fun with them by decorating each box with a unique design that you and your child decides is the best way to display these amazing accomplishments. For more information, contact a company like Hoosier Highlander.