Litter Pick-Up Tools You Should Use

Posted on: 27 April 2018


If you are in charge of the care and maintenance of a large property, such as a park or apartment grounds, you want to make your job as easy as possible. When it comes to picking up the litter lying around, there are a lot of reasons you shouldn't be picking it up by hand. For one thing, there is the chance you will cut yourself on broken glass or even poke yourself with a dirty needle. Also, you will have to repeatedly bend over for every little piece of debris, which can be very hard on your back and knees. You may also find that you will tire out much faster when you are picking up litter manually, and this can make you exhausted by the end of your shift. It will also take you a lot longer to get the job done. Here are some of the litter-pickup tools you want to think about using:

A thick bag

When you are picking up a lot of litter, you really need to pay the extra money to get the thickest plastic bags available. Otherwise, you may find that the bag splits on you when you are just about done filling it. This is only going to give you an even bigger mess to have to deal with and take longer for you to get the job done.

A can on wheels

If you are going to be using a can instead of a bag, then you want to go with a can that has wheels and a convenient handle on it. This way, you can just roll the can where you need it to go. Not only does this make it easier to move it around as it starts to get heavier, but it also makes it easier to move it over concrete and asphalt.

A grabbing pick-up stick

You will definitely want a pick-up stick that has a grabbing claw at the end of it. You just hold the handle of the stick and press the lever attached to the handle to close the claw. This claw makes it easy to pick up certain types of litter, such as glass bottles and other types of packaging.

A poking pick-up stick

You will also want to make sure you have a pick-up stick with a sharp poker on the end. This stick works by poking through debris, such as pieces of paper, cardboard, and even tin cans. You just jab the poker through each piece of debris and it will stick to the pick-up stick. Once you have gathered enough debris on the end of the stick, you will release it into your trash can or bag.

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