3 Ways To Use Tabletop Acryclic Sign Holders In Your Bakery Business

Posted on: 19 February 2018


Yoru bakery business is probably booming with people coming in and out to see what sweet treats and freshly baked goods you have available, so making sure that you are advertising to those who stop in for a visit is important. There are all kinds of different types of signage that will prove useful in a bakery, from the small signs you use in a fresh pastry case to your menu. However, there is one little fixture that can be a great help for advertising on a smaller scale: acrylic sign holders. These sign holders stand upright so they can be placed on a tabletop, and it is simple to switch between small printed signs as needed. Here are a few ways to use tabletop acrylic signs in your bakery business. 

Show off previous wedding cakes in your consult area. 

Most bakeries who do offer wedding cakes have a small set-aside consultation area where customers can sample certain wedding cake flavors, look at wedding cake idea books, and place their order. If you have a wedding cake consult area, you can use the tabletop acrylic signs to display some of the seasonal wedding cakes you have done in the past. Simply print a photo of previous cakes and slip them in the small acrylic holder for display at the consultation table. 

Place small reminders at the register of daily specials or what not to forget. 

Maybe you have a special today on day-old bread or perhaps you want customers to remember to grab some napkins on the way out. The small stature of acrylic tabletop sign holders makes them perfectly sized to set up next to the register or checkout area. The signs can be used for gentle reminders of whatever it is you want customers to know as they are spending the last moments in the shop. 

Make sure customers see new products you have in a full display or on a shelf. 

When your bakery produces a new product, you don't want it to get lost among all the regular stuff you normally have available. Therefore, placing a small sign wherever the new product is displayed is a good way to ensure it gets noticed, and acrylic sign holders serve the purpose well. For example, if you have a new cake flavor on display in your cake case, set up an acrylic sign holder with a small sign inserted that says "New Item!" 

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