How To Memorialize Your Loved One Who Has Been Cremated

Posted on: 13 October 2017


Have you recently lost a person who is very beloved to you? Perhaps your spouse, a child, a parent or a sibling has died. Whether you expected the death or not, you were probably not totally prepared to say good bye. If you are wanting to memorialize your loved one who has been cremated, from writing that person's life story to looking for cremation jewelry for sale, here are some ideas that might help you to go forward with your life:

The Written Word - 

There's just something therapeutic about writing down your feelings, don't you think? In the case of memorializing a loved one who is now deceased, you can do that in several different ways. Just think of the things you hold in your heart and don't hold back. Put them on paper that can be kept forever and that cane shared with others who loved the deceased person. 

  • Think of gathering facts about the person who has passed away.
  • Use those facts to write a biography that you can share with other loved ones.
  • Another idea is to write a poem that depicts the way you feel about him or her.
  • Consider writing a condolence letter to all of those who loved the deceased person.

Selecting Cremation Jewelry -

When a person is cremated, some people might think that there was no real way to say goodbye, since there wasn't an actual body at the funeral service. However, when you think about it, there are concrete ways that might be even better than saying farewell. You can choose to have your loved one right with you, or you can help somebody else to have the deceased with him or with her forever.

  • Think of buying jewelry to hold some of the remains of the cremated body.
  • Select an intricate heart design for girls or women who will receive the jewelry.
  • Think of selecting a simple design for any men, including yourself, that will wear the cremation jewelry.
  • Cremation jewelry comes in many materials, including gold, silver, and other metals.

Think of memorializing your loved one in other ways, too. For example, choose a specific day, perhaps his or her birthday, to gather friends and family members together each year. At that time, each person could tell stories, even funny anecdotes, that bring the deceased person's memory back to you and those who are in attendance. Also, consider toasting the deceased person in absentia.

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