How To Care For Your Gold Jewelry?

Posted on: 17 August 2017


Caring for your jewelry store purchase is absolutely essential if you want your precious pieces to maintain their beauty. Whether you've chosen a gold necklace, bracelet, earrings or another statement piece, keeping the items clean and free from damage will do much more than simply make them look "nice." A well-cared for piece of jewelry lasts longer. This means you can keep the item for a lifetime or hand it down to your children or even your grandchildren someday.

What do you need to know about caring for your gold jewelry? Take a look at these top tips for keeping your gold safe and in good shape.

Storage Solutions

It's tempting to toss your earrings off at the end of the night and stash them in your dresser drawer. But that isn't exactly the best way to keep your gold safe — especially if you have necklaces, bracelets or something else that can twist, turn and get tangled.

Store the jewelry in separate compartments of a box or tray. This helps to keep one piece from tangling with another. Make sure that long items or pieces with chains are flat. Again, this keeps the tangles out.

The Morning Routine

You have a morning routine. It includes showering, spritzing on a body spray, putting on perfume and spraying a styling product on your hair.

If you put on your gold jewelry first, you're exposing it to all of these sprays. Not only will it build up on the jewelry, but the various sprays and splashes you use may have chemicals in them that can cause damage.

Wait until after you've finished your morning beauty or hygiene routine before putting on your gold jewelry. If you have lotions or sticky sprays, allow them to dry completely before letting the jewelry come in contact with your skin.

Cleaning Care

There are a seemingly endless number of homemade DIY jewelry cleaning concoctions out there. While some of these may work, others can cause more harm than good.

Either use the cleaner that your jewelry store seller has provided/recommended or gently cleanse your prized pieces in a solution of two parts dish soap to 10 parts warm water. After soaking them, gently scrub and spots off and rinse with plain warm water. Dry completely with a microfiber cloth before wearing or storing.

Along with these care tips, make sure to check your jewelry regularly for lose parts or problems. If you're not sure what to look for the jewelry store professionals can help. Visit a site like for more help.