Caring For Your Home's Mailbox

Posted on: 26 July 2017


Having a well-maintained mailbox can be essential for ensuring that you get your mail. Also, there are many homeowners associations that require members to maintain their mailboxes, and failing to follow these regulations can lead to the association imposing fines. Depending on the type of mailbox that you own, there are some basic steps that should always be followed.

Brick Housings

If your mailbox has a brick housing around it, you may assume that the masonry will not require care to keep it in good condition. While a brick mailbox housing will be extremely durable, it can still degrade and suffer cosmetic problems if it is not thoroughly cleaned every few months. To further protect this part of your mailbox, you should consider applying a masonry sealant to it so that it can be better protected against water.

Metal Mailboxes

If you own a metal mailbox, you will need to take steps to protect it against corrosion. Unfortunately, some homeowners will assume that their mailboxes will always be rustproof. However, the corrosion resistant coating that is applied to these mailboxes can degrade. This may occur due to friction from particles rubbing the coating off or acidic byproducts from molds and mildews may chemically degrade it. Once this coating is worn away, the metal of the mailbox will start to corrode fairly quickly. Supplementing this coating with an all-weather paint can greatly reduce the threat of rust damaging the mailbox. If your metal mailbox has already suffered some rusting, you should remove the corrosion with a wire brush or sandpaper before applying the coat of paint.

Wood Mailboxes

Many homeowners may enjoy the appearance of a wooden mailbox. While these mailboxes can be extremely attractive, they can also be more susceptible to the damaging effects of weathering and insects. To ensure that your mailbox is able to withstand these threats as well as possible, you should opt for one that is made of pressure treated wood. Also, you will want to remove algae and moss as soon as you notice them growing on the mailbox as they can cause rot to form fairly rapidly. Occasionally, these mailboxes may develop cracks due to the wood splitting. These cracks can rapidly spread across the mailbox, but you can prevent this by applying a wood filler to the crack. This filler will reinforce the exterior of the mailbox and close the gaps that formed. Avoid making this repair when the forecast calls for rain as it will prevent the filler from bonding.