Remove Mud And Grease From Suede, Steel Toe Boots And Apply A Protectant To The Fabric

Posted on: 24 June 2017


If you recently purchased a pair of suede, steel toe boots to wear at the factory that you are employed at and they are caked with mud and grease, the following steps can be used to clean and restore the condition of the boots. When finished, a suede protector can be applied to the suede to preserve its suppleness and prevent the fabric from fading or cracking. 


  • rubber gloves
  • plastic sheeting
  • absorbent towels
  • handheld scrub brush
  • degreasing agent
  • white vinegar
  • warm water
  • spray bottle
  • sponges with slightly abrasive surface
  • hair dryer
  • bottle of suede protectant
  • buffing sponges

Remove Mud And Eliminate Stains

Cover your hands with a pair of rubber gloves. Place the boots on a piece of plastic sheeting or another waterproof surface. Remove wet mud by wiping each boot off with an absorbent towel. If mud has already dried, move a handheld scrub brush swiftly back and forth over clumps of mud to eliminate them.

Add a few drops of a degreasing agent to a spray bottle that is filled with equal amounts of white vinegar and warm water. Rapidly shake the bottle for several seconds to blend the contents.

Spray an even amount of the cleaning agent on grease spots and additional stains on each boot. Move a sponge with a slightly abrasive surface back and forth over fabric that has been sprayed. Use a clean sponge that has been dampened with warm water to remove traces of the cleaning agent.

Dry The Boots And Apply A Suede Protectant

Adjust a handheld hair dryer to a high setting and hold the dryer over the boots. Move the dryer back and forth over the fabric to dry it. Pour a small amount of a suede protectant onto a buffing sponge. Hold one boot in your hand and press the sponge against its exterior. Move the sponge in tight circles to administer the protectant. If the sponge begins to dry out while you are treating the suede, pour more of the suede protectant onto one side of it.

After both boots have been treated, wipe off traces of the protectant with a clean, dry sponge. Maintain the suede, steel toe boots by removing surface dirt in a timely manner. Add more protectant to the fabric periodically to preserve the condition of the suede.

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