Tips To Make Staying At A Resort With A Child Easier

Posted on: 23 April 2015


If you have limited funds to take a vacation, opting for a resort can save you money since much of the luxuries and necessities you rely on are available on the property. Many people with smaller children enjoy staying at a resort because there is no need to travel any further than within the property boundaries to have a good time for a great price. Here are some tips you can use to make your stay with a child a bit easier on both yourself and others, making your stay enjoyable for all involved.

Stick To A Routine

While you are away, staying as close to feeding and sleeping schedules as you do at home will help your child stay adjusted and in a good mood. Although it will be tempting to stay out later to enjoy entertainment or shopping, it is best to get your little one back to the room for a full night's sleep so you will not pay the price the next day. Before you leave for your trip, write down which activities are important to you and your family and allot a block of time to dedicate to enjoying each without straying from your child's schedule. 

Find Out About Programs

Most resorts offer a children's program in some form or another. Call ahead of time to find out the age restrictions and what will be included. If you have more than one child, make sure there are age-appropriate activities for each to enjoy. Some resorts have structured all-day camp programs or scheduled children's activities throughout the day. Others only offer babysitting services so adults can have some time to enjoy some alone time. Decide which is important to you and base your resort selection around the options you find desirable.

Take Food Into Account

A kid-friendly resort should have at least one restaurant on the premises that has a kid's menu available. Call ahead of time and ask for an emailed copy of the restaurant menus. Some resorts, like the one found at, will have them on their webpage, as well. Making sure food your child will eat is on the menu is very important in keeping your child happy during the stay. Pack a few favorites from home in case there are limited choices available for children. Snacks may be difficult to find at a moment's notice since resorts are large and restaurants may not be right down the hall from your room.